What are charcoal pills?

Charcoal pills is among the most trending health and wellness trend that is popping up everywhere these days. Every health related blogs and articles you can lay your hands upon consists of blogs on activated charcoal cocktails, cocktail detox drinks, and how the charcoal ice cream can be beneficial to both one’s taste buds and also health.  It’s leading the front among the top ingredients list that is considered to be very effective against acne and also activated charcoal make a very strong alternative deodorant. With so many things said, let me also introduce you to a little secret which is using activated charcoal is a very old trick of the trade and has been used by medical practitioners and healersto remove toxic materials and poisons from the body since time immemorial. To know more about activated charcoal and it’s properties: read more here.

Let’s begin with what is activated charcoal powder?

Before beginning anything, just a word of caution: please do not by any means confuse your charcoal pills with your barbecue charcoal, both are two completely different thing and has completely different purpose to serve. Therefore, let the barbecue charcoal be where it is and let’s move on ahead with the article. The active charcoal powder starts just like how natural powder is made. Activated Charcoal comes from a hell lot of things: coal or wood or coconut to begin with.

Now, it’s the activation part which makes the things all the more interesting and special. The charcoal is heated alongside gases, that create micro pores within the charcoal and leaves the charcoal charged with a negative charge, so that it can attract anything in the body with a positive charge: toxins to be very precise. Now, the statement might sound a bit counter initiative at this point of time, but in this case, read the “positive” as bad as in toxin and the “negative” as good as in the detox agent, aka, charcoal.

These toxins can get deep into the body through absorption, but with the process of “adsorption” the toxins instead of getting absorbed in your body, get caught in the charcoal and finally, get disposed of the body through the body’s natural waste system.

Uses for charcoal pills

The charcoal pills, are actually, nothing but activated charcoal powder sold in solid pill form.The charcoal pills remove dangerous and toxic substances from the body and charcoal detoxification remains to be the most favourite detoxification treatment of the world.