5 Ways to Help Counter and Deal with Orthosis

Dealing with an orthosis is something many people have to deal with. For those who are dealing with this, some tips to make it easier are likely welcomed. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to counter and deal with an orthosis.

Keep in mind, the methods for dealing with the condition will vary based on the parts of the body affected. Here a person can find tips for dealing with ankle-foot orthosis, which is extremely common.

If a person is wearing braces, it’s a good idea to use AFO brace socks paired with the right shoes. One of the most common mistakes people make is believing that any shoe is going to work. To remain comfortable, it’s imperative to wear lace-up shoes that fit the person’s foot and the AFO.

A comfortable yet snug fit is required that still provides enough space for the AFO to move around slightly. Heel height is also a factor to consider. The wrong height is going to impact how the wearer walks and device alignment.

When a new AFO is used, some people have issues walking with the devices initially. However, with practice, this issue will go away. This is a situation where practice definitely makes perfect.

Take plenty of opportunities to practice with the device. It’s also a good idea to use tips from physical therapists. Become comfortable with the AFO before venturing outside or trying to go anywhere alone to avoid problems and accidents.

In some situations, the AFO may result in pressure areas. A person will know these have developed if the area is red because of the pressure created by the AFO. Another sign of this is that the AFO has begun to cause discomfort or has reduced foot circulation.

It’s a good idea for a person to check for any pressure areas regularly. If there is a red area that won’t go away after a period of 20 minutes, keep an eye on the issue and call the orthotist for any ongoing concerns. Sometimes an adjustment will be needed.

From time to time, an orthosis may have to adjust the AFO before the perfect fit is achieved. Don’t stress about this, as adjustments are normal. If the AFO doesn’t fit properly in the beginning, adjustments will ensure that it does soon.

If a person has recently begun wearing their AFO, they should give their body some time to adjust to it. Begin getting accustomed to it by wearing the brace for just an hour at a time and then take it off and rest. In the initial days, alternate between resting the leg and by wearing the orthosis.

After the first week, the amount of time the orthosis is worn can be increased strategically. By doing this a person can get used to it. This will help eliminate possible issues and pain.

To achieve the best results possible, use the tips here. Doing so will pay off in the long run and reduce the likelihood that pain and discomfort will be experienced. It’s a good idea to use the tips here and to work with an orthodontist to ensure that everything is done properly and that no issues occur.

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