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Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient practice that supports mental, spiritual and physical development allowing you to become a better version of yourself. Yoga is also useful when you want to shed weight, particularly the active kind of yoga. You also gain awareness because yoga is a slow, gentle and relaxing practice, which helps your body shed that extra weight.

Most health experts have come to the agreement that yoga uses diverse activities to help the body attain a healthy weight. Here are a few of those activities that you can include in your yoga for weight loss.


Yoga incorporates mental and spiritual aspects whose focus is to help you become mindful. This helps you become intensely aware. Yoga helps you become aware of how your diet affects the body, spirit, and mind.

A recent study has suggested that people who become mindful because of their yoga practices are better able to stay away from an unhealthy diet. Your awareness also enables you to know when you have enough of what you are eating.

Yoga is particularly beneficial to those who are struggling to shed weight using other ways. Don let your weigh come in the way of you practicing your yoga moves. If weight is an issue, and you looking for the easiest and fastest way to shed unhealthy weight, Humatrope pen for Weight Loss is the way to go.

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Yoga and Good Sleep

Yoga helps the body get better sleep at night. You will be able to fall asleep easily, and sleep deeply when you keep up a consisted yoga schedule. Your body needs about 6 to 9 hours of good sleep every night.

Sleeping well at night can help your body shed unhealthy weight. A study done in 2018 concluded that those who have limited sleep for up to five times each week tend to lose less body fat compared to those who keep a normal sleep routine.

Yoga Nidra, a guided kind of body relaxation, is done while you are lying flat on the floor. This practice helps people sleep deeply and it increases your mindfulness. You are free to have intentions when doing yoga Nidra. It makes it easier for you to have weight loss objectives.

In fact, a study has shown that those who engage in yoga nidra for more than 8 weeks tend to develop a higher level of mindfulness. That includes acting while being very aware and not being quick to judge your internal experiences.

Yoga and burning Calories

Although yoga is not classified as a traditional aerobic activity, some yoga practices are a little more physical. Active, yet intense yoga helps the body burn calories. This goes a long way towards preventing your body from gaining weight. Vinyasa, power yoga and Ashtanga are a few examples of physical yoga.

Power yoga and vinyasa are work best in a hot yoga studio. These two forms of yoga keep the body moving almost all the time, which causes the body to burn fat. Yoga also helps the body develop toned muscles and accelerates your metabolic rate.

Studies from as far back as 2013 indicate that yoga can help initiate behavioral change and weight loss buy heightening your mindfulness. Yoga also helps the body relieve stress. All these factors, put together, help to reduce food intake by making you increasingly aware of the effects of overfeeding.

How often should you perform yoga for weight loss?

To shed as much unhealthy weight as possible, practice yoga as often as possible. You can choose the active kind, as it includes intense activities at least four times a week for a period of one hour.

On other days, balance the intense yoga with relaxing activities. Try yin, hatha or restorative yoga.

However, for beginners, start gently, then gradually work your way up to much more intense yoga. That way, your body will build flexibility and strength. If you can find time for your usual yoga class, try a self-practice for at least 15 minutes. Set aside a full day to allow your body to rest.

Also, try to include other non-yoga activities in your usual regime such as cycling, walking or swimming to building your cardio. Do not weight lift right after your yoga practice, particularly if you have just come from a hot yoga practice because you might lose weight during your yoga.

Final Take

Ensure you are fully committed to your yoga if you wish to use it to shed weight. Begin small, and slowly work your way up. Also, begin with unassertive goals in mind as that is the only way you will not be disappointed. As you continue to grow in your practice and level of awareness, your body will gravitate towards healthy choices.

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