Why Locking Up Prescriptions Drugs is Highly Recommended

Do you think you’re storing your prescriptions drugs safely in your home? Think about it for a minute. If you remember stashing your medicine bottles on a windowsill, kitchen counter, or have them laying around somewhere in the house, that is not a safe place for them. This is considered a risk, especially if you have toddlers, teenagers (who frequently have their friends coming over), kids with special needs, or even adults.

Medication is considered a part of our daily lives. You take some vitamins whenever you get a cold. When you have a sore throat, you get some cough syrup from the store. A prescription for a painkiller might be needed, especially after a surgery. There are so many reasons why we take medications, that it sometimes becomes instinctual. You might think you know what you are doing but sometimes, we can be very negligent.

Prescription drugs are quite dangerous, despite the fact that they are given by a medical professional. If exposed to the wrong individuals, or if abused or used in any way other than its instructions stated, it can cause an addiction or a fatal drug interaction.

If you don’t keep your prescription drugs safely, you are risking misuse of the medicines that can lead to prescription drug addiction, medicine theft, and accidental poisonings. In this case, you probably want to look into getting yourself a locking medicine storage. Read more for practical solutions on how you can safely lock up your prescription drugs at home.

Reasons Why You Need Medicine Lock Box

Illegal use of schedule medications like sleeping pills, narcotics, and central nervous system depressants are all obtained from a relative or friend. You should definitely lock your medications if you have one of these reasons:

  • You have a prescription for opioid painkillers
  • You have over-the-counter medications that contain dextromethorphan (DMX)
  • You have teens or pre-teens who also love having their friends coming over
  • You have small children
  • You have grandchildren
  • You take vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Your pet has a prescription strength painkiller
  • You use medical cannabis
  • You travel and you travel a lot
  • You have anything of value

Medicine lock boxes are designed to help ease the worries. Don’t take your prescription drugs lightly, because just by leaving them somewhere, even for just five minutes, you are already risking an accidental poisoning, especially if a small child gets to the.

Solutions on How to Safely Lock Up Prescription Drugs

Sometimes, we accidentally left our medications on the dining table—it’s human nature. But if you keep a good routine of stashing your prescription drugs at the right place, everything will be a lot easier. You will learn through trial and errors that some methods will work and some will not.

Keeping prescription drugs should be treated in the same way how you lock your guns in a safe or cabinet. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise due to a variety of factors, so it’s important to take the utmost care of them. Remember: they are not simple over-the-counter medications: they are addictive substances on par with heroin and cocaine.

Locking up your medications can immediately help any potentially harmful situation. A few common suggestions for locking them up are:

Medicine Lock Box

If your intention is to carry your medications with you when needed, then getting a medicine lock box is a great solution for you. Even if it’s just carrying them from room to room in your house, it’s still the best place to store your prescription drugs. Medicine lock boxes usually come with keys although there are some that come with a combination.

If you’re a parent, getting yourself a medicine lock box will provide you with advantages. You don’t have to worry about children or others figuring out your combination. Even if you are forgetful of your combination, you won’t be anxious about it being somewhere in the house because it’s safely locked.

Medicine Cabinet Storage and Closet

If you have an extra space, you might want to invest in turning it into a medicine closet. A hallway closet can easily be reconfigured for this; all you need is to buy an outdoor doorknob and get it installed. This way the closet will have a key and you will feel a lot safer keeping your medications in it. If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, make sure that it has a lock and key so that you can peacefully keep your prescription drugs in it too. If not, it’s simple to find one.


If you feel like you need to go extra, you can always make sure the room where you are keeping your medications is always locked, like your bedroom. This works really well, especially when you have kids with special needs or you’re living together with other people in the same house.

All you need to do is make sure that the door is always locked, especially when you are away. Keep the key to the room with you at all times and only give the key to someone you trust when needed. In this case, it could be your partner or your parents whom you know won’t misuse the medications.

Protecting the People You Love

Of course, the main reason for keeping a medicine lock box is to ensure that people you love are well-protected from misuse that can lead to an addiction or a fatal drug overdose. Curious people can be found everywhere, and as someone who is prescribed with controlled drugs, you should also be a lot more responsible.

It’s not a surprise to see how many households fall into the problem related to prescription drugs, just because the parents or the adults are not being responsible. If you have children or you know you have kids coming to your house regularly, a medicine lock box is definitely the best solution to keep your prescription drugs safe from harm.